Further Analysis

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The Psychology of the Marvel T.V. Universe – The complete audio coverage of our WonderCon professional panel from 2016. Features the insights of writers and contributors to the current Marvel television programs Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – and, of course, a psychologist who binge-watches each show!



Al Jazeera English – About 20% of young persons around the world struggle with mental health disorders or problems. Despite that prevalence, stigma and limited information and resources often keep mental health in the shadows until crisis strikes. I joined a panel of mental health experts from around the world to share our experiences with mental illness, and explain why we think prevention is better than cure.

TED x UCLA – My TED talk: “Capes, Cowls, and Courage: The Psychological Power of Superheroes”


Batman Psychology 101! – The mythology of Batman is one of the most complex and fascinating in fiction. The L.A.-based Meltdown Comics podcast network invited Dr. Andrea Letamendi to be a guest on the show, “The History of Batman,” to discuss the classic character and analyze relationships within the Batman universe.




Lattes with Leia – A monthly podcast all about Star Wars from a certain point of view. Co-hosted by Amy Ratcliffe and Andrea Letamendi.


The Mock Trial of the Winter Soldier – Was James “Bucky” Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his assaults and assassinations in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Was he, as the law defines it, experiencing “a severe mental disease or defect?” Presided over by a real judge and featuring real psychologists as expert witnesses, the mock trial proved to be a riveting exercise in law, psychology and ethics.

Ask A Doc – As part of a vlog series with Project UROK, I answer questions about every day mental health. In this segment: Does meditation improve mental health?

Geek & Sundry’s “Omnibus” – I join comic writers and commentators (Paul Dini, Mark Waid, Sterling Gates) in this hilariously fun web show in which we reminisce about our favorite comic book moments.

The Monitor – See how mental health professionals are putting psychology front and center via pop culture arts and social media, in this cover story in the American Psychological Association’s monthly magazine.

The Associated Press – Does Hollywood have a “female superhero problem?” This AP Entertainment story explores the lack of female comic characters in the cinematic sphere and asks me why representation of gender is important.

The Huffington Post – I join a live HuffPo panel to talk about what we can learn from superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man.

The Guardian – My guest article in the Guardian about the socio-political and cultural impacts of comic books.

The Atlantic – An authentic story of how comics shaped my life.

Cosplay in America – My essay on the psychology of cosplay can be found in this book that explores the craft and creativity of the emerging subculture.

Comic Vine – The live recording of the panel “The Psychology of Harley Quinn” at Long Beach Comic Con, 2014, with writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

Dr. Drew On Call – A sample of one of my appearances as a guest commentator on Dr. Drew’s nightly CNN Headline News show.

New York Academy of Sciences – An interview about bridging science and society – through Batman!

Playboy – What would I really do with Bruce Wayne? Playboy asked, I answered.

Comics Alliance – My honest reviews of the FOX show Gotham.

CNN iReport – In celebrating 75 years of Batman, along with other comic book experts, I answer why this fictional hero has endured for so long in our pop culture.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics – This full-length film by Warner Bros. includes discussion, images and footage of DC Comics’ most popular (and feared) villains.  Featuring Christopher Lee, Richard Donner, Guillermo del Toro, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, me, and others! You can also purchase it on Amazon.

The Hollywood Reporter – Does Tony Stark have PTSD? I explore this topic in a guest column about Iron Man’s mental health!

UCLA Magazine – This web version of a published magazine article discusses how Batman inspired my career in Psychology.

The Daily Dot – Featured article about The Arkham Sessions, a podcast on the Psychology of Batman.

Expressions of Fandom: Findings from a psychological survey of cosplay and costume wear – A research article I co-authored published by Intensities: The  Journal of Cult Media.

UCLA’s Feminist News Magazine – UCLA asked me about identity, gender, and the comic community.

Diversity Executive – I’m asked why diversity in comics are important and how these narratives are changing for the better.

PhD Comics – Want to know what I do at Comic-Con? The scholarly folks from the popular webcomic, Ph.D. Comics, created this video featurette from SDCC 2012 about what we can learn from narratives in comic books.