The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #122: “Chemistry”

The animated episode, “Chemistry,” directly addresses whether Batman’s vigilante lifestyle has room for romantic love. Maybe it just takes the “perfect” partner for Bruce Wayne to feel fulfilled in life– to actually be happy? Could a meaningful, connected relationship replace his compulsive drive to pursue criminals in Gotham City? Could a trusting partner help him recover from the sudden, tragic murder of his parents? In “Chemistry,” Bruce makes the decision to marry a woman who is practically designed to be perfect for him, and he realizes life is more than batarangs and psycho-clowns. So what eventually goes wrong? (Something always goes wrong).

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, one of us has a significant change of opinion about Bruce Wayne, while both of us realize that the failed romantic relationship creates yet another tragedy that builds on Bruce’s psychological schema about trust, connection and love: Letting go of the mission, in pursuit of happiness, leads to loss and pain. Poor bats.

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